No Empty Arms Initiative

How We Started

Adoption loss. We've spent a lot of time thinking about this, and have come to the conclusion that adoption loss is one of the most painful losses hopeful parents can endure.

For most families, the road to adoption is long, dark, lonely, and painful. For many the decision to adopt is only reached after years of soul crushing infertility battles, and for many the unthinkable devastation of pregnancy loss. Each of those experiences provide enough pain to last a lifetime. These struggles are hard on marriages, relationships, and individuals. For many, the decision to adopt is only reached after accepting the crushing reality that building their family won’t come naturally for them.

To those brave couples who choose hope, and move forward on the new path of adoption, the heart ache doesn’t end. There is a new journey of hoping, praying, and waiting to be endured. Finally, they get that phone call, they get the news they’ve longed years to hear. They have been placed with a birth mother.

But then, sometimes, for reasons that can only be attributed to the brokenness of a system born out of heart ache, the birth mother changes her mind, and recognizes she cannot live without that precious baby. This is a choice to be celebrated, but at a horrible price: the shattered hope of a family who has already waited too long, and suffered too much.

To those families, we see you, and our hearts break for you. We don’t want you to lose hope, even in the moment that hope is torn from you. For you we have started the “No Empty Arms Initiative.”

What We Do

Through this initiative Jojo Boo + Co will donate a portion of the proceeds of every lovey sold to provide a lovey to those parents left to pick up the pieces and start again. A lovey to hold when their arms ache. To give them a form of physical hope to cling to while they press on. To squeeze until their arms are filled with the baby this lovey was created to be passed on to. Our loveys were created with the intention to provide comfort. We always pictured that comfort being provided to children, but we now see that sometimes that comfort is needed for the parents.

Connect With Us

We are passionate about this initiative, and we'd love for you to connect with us. We are constantly on the search for families to bless, so if you have a family that you'd like to nominate, please send us an email with their story to:

We also love to partner with others who share our passion for blessing families. If you have a partnership idea, please send an email to: